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Get on trend with slow cooking

News flash, slow cooking is all about convenience, comfort and tasty food.

Picture this, you put 20 mins of prep time in the night before, pop the ingredients in your slow cooker and voila you have a delicious meal with minimal effort! Plus, you get to enjoy the delicious smells wafting from the slow cooker, but good luck not being tempted to taste test a few times.

What’s more, not only will you be eating a delicious meal, using slow cookers are also very cost-effective. Slow cookers are relatively cheap to buy, inexpensive to use and they're great for making the most of budget ingredients including some of the cheaper, secondary cuts. Plus, they offer a healthier, low-fat method of cooking – really, what's not to love? The only thing we can think of is you still have to do the washing up!

Check out our recipes that work great with a slow cooker below.

Beef Ragout

This ragout is easy to prepare with a slow-cooker. Just prepare all the ingredients the night before, cook the pasta when you get home and bon appetit!

Braised Lamb Shanks

This braised lamb shanks recipe from Kathy Paterson results in tender and succulent lamb shanks that fall away at the bone. The recipe is ideal for cold winter evenings.

Slow-cooked Dukkah Bolar

Coating the bolar roast in dukkah and slow cooking gives the meat a tender and juicy result. Serve with oven roasted root vegetables, topped with the crème fraîche and hazelnuts.

Beef Stroganoff

The most amazing slow-cooked Beef Stroganoff that you will ever have! Juicy beef strips smothered in an incredible sour cream mushroom gravy, this Beef Stroganoff recipe is an easy family favourite that delivers every time.

Slow-cooked Beef Cheeks

Beef cheeks, when cooked long and slow result in tender, juicy and flavoursome beef. When paired with silky smooth polenta, doused in a rich sauce spliced with a little orange for freshness, you have a dish made in heaven. Impress your guests this winter with a recipe that requires minimum fuss but delivers maximum impact.

This hearty soup is very filling with a variety of nutritious vegetables and tender chunks of beef. Mix up the vegetables by replacing with anything you have on hand. We love to use up the older vegetables from the back of the fridge and freeze leftovers for a quick and healthy go-to meal when short on time.

Pulled Beef'n'Beer Tacos

This taco recipe is sure to get your taste buds dancing. The beef is slow cooked in aromatic spices and beer so you end up with pull-apart beef that’s incredibly moist and bursting with flavour. Not commonly known, cinnamon, cloves and star anise are used to add a unique flavour to Mexican style dishes. Add all your favourite toppings and enjoy.

Beef Korma Curry

Our slowly cooked beef korma curry is so good, we even have a recipe that turns it into a pie. Enjoy a fragrant mix of herbs and spices and tender melt in your mouth beef, all in a creamy coconut sauce. The homemade korma paste is well worth the effort; we recommend making a double batch and freezing for later. Serve with steamed white rice and flatbreads or naan. Don’t forget to garnish with plenty of fresh coriander.

Lamb Tagine Stew

Inspired by the traditional Moroccan tagine, or slow-cooked stew, this method involves heating the lamb gently along with spices and other aromatics, allowing the flavors to fully penetrate the meat.

Beef‘n’Beer Stew

Beef slow-cooked in a mixture of beer and water enriches and gives a nut-like flavour to the meat. The bread on top is delicious too.

Balsamic & Tomato Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

Although the shank is one of the least tender parts of the lamb (meaning it has excellent flavour), when it’s slow-cooked, it falls off the bone. That’s why these balsamic & tomato slow cooker lamb shanks are a firm favourite. Make this beautiful dish to impress for a date night, or dinner party. The simple flavours marry together to give a rich and flavoursome sauce that will leave everyone wanting more.

Lamb Curry with Banana & Apple

This lamb curry has a fruity twist! Whilst adding banana and apple to a curry sauce may seem unusual, you can't knock it till you try it. Simple ingredients combine to deliver a subtly sweet and flavourful lamb curry that is best served with steamed jasmine rice, poppadoms and mango relish.

Posted by Shawn Moodie

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