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Useful lockdown recipes and cooking resources

In light of tonight's lockdown announcement, we thought we'd share a few cooking and recipe links that we hope are helpful. Kia Kaha New Zealand - please stay safe and look after one another.

Lockdown Recipes

One-pot (or one-pan) recipes will make your time in the kitchen easier while satisfying your comfort food cravings during lockdown. Here is a collection of our favourite one-pot dinner recipes.

Slow cooker recipes can help to take the hassle out of cooking. This is especially relevant during lockdown with many of us having to divide our time between juggling kids, working from home, and meal planning. Check out 15 of our favourite slow-cooker recipes.

Takeaways are one of life's eating pleasures, however, with the lockdown back in place, they can be a little more difficult to get your hands on. If you’re missing the taste of your favourite Friday takeaway, check out the recipes below and recreate your favourite takeaways at home.

Family-Friendly Recipes

Mince is a fantastically versatile ingredient, especially during lockdown. Here are a collection of the best family-friendly mince recipes on our website.

When it comes to eating on a budget we know people sometimes associate that with boring meal choices but that doesn't have to be the case. Here's a look at some of our favourite budget-friendly recipes.

When it comes to freezer-friendly meals, you’ve got to make sure you pick a suitable recipe. As a rule of thumb, go for stews, mince recipes, soups, casseroles and pies over stir-fries, salads, and roasts. Here are some of our recipe recommendations.

Quick Recipes

Figuring out what to have for dinner each night can feel exhausting - particularly during lockdown. These incredible 30-minute dinner recipes are easy to put together but still taste incredible.

Cooking Tips and Advice

With rising food prices, we’re all looking for ways to save on the weekly shopping bill. There are many simple ways to save money and enjoy healthy food at low prices. Here's a look at how to make your meat go further.

Even if you're not a novice in the kitchen, cooking meat can sometimes be a little intimidating. Between timing, temperatures, cuts, and cooking techniques, it can feel like there’s a lot required to roasting lamb or grilling the perfect steak. Here is some simple advice when cooking meat.

While you may be familiar with the 'C' rules of food hygiene – clean, cook, and chill – here is a bit of a refresher.

You don't have to have all the ingredients to follow a recipe, or to make a great meal. Here’s some advice for how to make the recipe your own.

Other useful info

Meal planning is one way to help take the pressure off in the late afternoon when you are suddenly struck with the question, “what’s for dinner”? Planning your meals in advance can save you time, money, and meal-time stress by helping you buy only what you need, and eat what you buy. Here are a few tips for doing it right.

Sharing food is one of those acts that brings us closer together and whilst yes, some of us will still be doing that within our warm, cozy, protective ‘bubbles’ for those alone, in a pair or still separated from other loved ones, sharing a meal, an act we may once have taken for granted, is something that’s painfully hard to give up. Here are some tips on how to cope.

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