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Our Favourite Slow-Cooker Lamb Recipes

While slow-cooker recipes are great all year round, they shine most in the cold winter months when you can pull out the slow-cooker and churn out the hearty soups, stews, curries and roasts we all need to keep warm until spring.

Come home to melting, tender lamb with the minimum of fuss while your slow cooker does all the hard work. From shanks braised in red wine to fragrant curries or fall-apart beef cheeks, these recipes showcase the best of slow-cooked lamb!

Lamb Stews and Casseroles

Stews and casseroles are prized as comforting winter warmers, and are a great way to incorporate more economical cuts of lamb (think chops, shoulder, or diced lamb) into your weekly recipe rotation. We love pairing these cuts with big flavours like wine, tomatoes, or cumin and letting them mingle and meld in the slow cooker throughout the day. The result is a collection of hearty one-pot recipes that are made for a cosy night in.

Lamb Curry

Make curry night even better with these recipes. By using a slow cooker you allow the flavours in the ish to slowly meld and blend throughout the day, leaving you with a beautifully textured and vibrantly flavoured curry.

Lamb Shanks

Is there anything better on a cold evening than tender, succulent lamb shanks that fall away at the bone? Slow cookers are ideal for lamb shanks as they give the meat plenty of time to get tender. If you have a smaller slow cooker, or want to make a bigger batch, think about using French trimmed shanks, which have a smaller bone and are made for packing into a pot.

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb shoulder is a quintessential slow cooker cut. While cooking a large cut of meat in the slow cooker can sometimes seem like a daunting task, the preparation is deceptively easy and the longer cooking times are virtually guaranteed to produce fall-off the bone lamb that is juicy and bursting full of flavour.

Lamb Chops

Just because we've put the BBQs away it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on cooking up lamb chops. In fact, chops are an ideal companion for a slow cooker, as the bone and sinew add plenty of flavour to the dish and ensure the meat is fork-tender.

Roast Lamb Legs

Roast lamb is a brilliant, if somewhat unexpected, addition to a slow cooker as the long cooking hours on the heat will leave you with lamb that is absolutely falling apart.

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