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16 of the best one-pot recipes

If you’re anything like us, you could use a bit of dinner inspiration right now and after a long day, we know that the last thing you want to do after cooking is dishes. These incredible one-pot (or one-pan) recipes will make your time in the kitchen easier while satisfying your comfort food cravings. They’re especially suited for a quick weeknight dinner or when you just have 30 minutes to get something on the table.

Lamb Shank Broth

Who can resist a vegetable-packed broth with tender lamb. The perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day. We like to make extra and leave in the freezer for a healthy go-to meal when time-poor.

One-pot Lamb with Winter Roots & Israeli Couscous

The beauty about this recipe is that it can be created in one-pot. This means you get a dish jam-packed with winter goodness and there are less dishes to clear away at the end of it all!

Asian Inspired Beef with Greens

Cooked in a wok or large frying pan, the best thing about this dish is as well as tasting delicious, it’s so quick and easy to prepare. You can be flexible with the green vegetables – choose whatever is available and in season. Hoisin sauce is available in your supermarket and gives the dish a great flavour.

Lamb Curry

Cooked in a saucepan, this recipe is a slight variation of a Madhur Jaffrey recipe, and is a definite winter warmer.

Indian Meatloaf

A family favourite, prepared in the oven, slice any leftovers to make the most sensational sandwiches with lettuce and mango chutney the next day.

Lamb & Barley Soup

Packed full of veges and with tender lamb, this soup is convenient and versatile. Leave it to simmer on the stove top and enjoy, or freeze to bring out when you don’t have time to cook.


Cooked in a large saucepan, this recipe offers a twist on a traditional Moroccan soup and is made with lamb and lentils. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for winter.

Magic Mince

Versatile, quick and delicious, mince is a Kiwi favourite. Easy to whip up for a variety of different meals, this is a recipe to always keep on hand.

Tomato Soup Baked Lamb Shanks

Serve the shanks as they come, straight out of the slow cooker to save on dishes.

Lamb and Apple Cider Braise

Cooked in a stove-top proof casserole dish, the recipe uses apple cider, when simmered gently with lamb shoulder chops, leeks and a handful of prunes, creates a delicious sauce in this easy family meal.

Thai Style Red Lamb Curry

Cooked in a deep frying pan, the garlic, ginger and lemongrass give this recipe an authentic flavour the whole family will enjoy.

Rice Meatballs

Prepared in a slow-cooker, adding rice to the meatballs bulks them out as well as adding extra fibre and carbohydrates for energy. You can add in a little basil pesto when serving for extra flavour.

One-Pot Beef Casserole with Roasted Eggplant, Tomato and Capsicum

Cooked in a deep casserole dish, this hearty recipe will warm you up during the winter chill.

One Pan Mince

Quick to make and easy to clean-up, this one-pan mince recipe is perfect when you’ve got to prepare a tasty and nutritious meal in minutes.

Golden Lamb Curry

Prepared in a large frying pan and absolutely packed full of flavour, this recipe would be perfect for both everyday and special occasions.

Beef and Sweet Fennel Tagine

The slow-cooked version of this fragrantly-spiced Moroccan beef tagine-like stew is the perfect as a mid-week pick-me-up.

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