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Lamb and Paeroa? Your New Kiwi Favourite

What do you get when you take two Kiwi classics – New Zealand Lamb and Lemon & Paeroa – and combine them? A dish that will be 'world famous' in your household, so go ahead and heat up the barbecue because you’ve just found your new favourite.

This L&P marinated lamb chops recipe comes as part of New Zealand’s National Lamb Day celebrations. Today, Monday 24 May, marks 139 years since New Zealand’s first frozen sheep meat shipment successfully arrived in Britain. A trip that was so successful, it kickstarted what is now a multi-billion-dollar export industry.

Marty Shanahan, ‘The Backyard Cook’, was inspired to bring the two classics together, in celebration of all things Kiwiana and our proud heritage of producing the best food and drink in the world.

“I’m always thinking about new and different flavour combinations and enjoy using classic ingredients in surprising ways. New Zealand lamb is iconic and pairing it with a L&P marinade results in a morish, tender dish. I encourage everyone to get in the kitchen and try it!”

L&P, another Kiwi icon, has been refreshing New Zealanders since 1908(ish) and since then has been ‘World famous in New Zealand’. Laura Knight, Senior Brand Manager for Lemon & Paeroa at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners says this recipe is uniquely Kiwi.

“The combination of these two beloved Kiwi icons is a match made in the land of the long white cloud. Both have been mainstays for decades, and now they’ve combined to create your new go-to entertaining dish that is sure to please a crowd.”

Posted by Lisa Moloney

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