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The 10 best lamb leg recipes to cook for Christmas Day

Do something a little bit special this festive season by cooking your loved ones a roasted leg of lamb on Christmas Day. A roast lamb is the ultimate Kiwi tradition, and for good reason - New Zealand lamb is the best you can get anywhere in the world. We’ve taken the hassle out of choosing how to go about doing it by selecting some of our favourite recipes below.

1. Barbecued lamb leg with lentil and spinach salad

Get the BBQ out and escape the kitchen with this delicious, zero-fuss recipe, that’s ready to serve in under an hour. Recipe here.

2. Garlic & wine glazed roast lamb with mint pesto

Paired with the fresh summer flavours of garlic, pinenuts and, of course, mint, this celebration dish will delight your guests at any festive occasion. Recipe here.

3. Marinated roast lamb with fresh mint topping

There’s no better time to treat your family with this superb cut than the festive season - and this recipe was designed with festivity in mind. It delivers a visual feast as well as a delicious one, and with lots of fresh flavours added to the mix it’ll be a meal like no other. Recipe here.

4. Leg of lamb baked with aubergine and mint

A nice variation on roast leg of lamb. The lamb is slowly cooked in a covered oven dish, rather like braising. Delicious minty aromas fill the kitchen when the moist lamb dish is cooking, and slow-baking the aubergine makes it almost melt into the sauce. Recipe here.

5. Balsamic glazed lamb salad

This dish is a wonderful example of a beautiful array of flavours and textures. If you can’t find pomegranates, use chopped ripe strawberries instead; they go wonderfully with the balsamic vinegar. Some people don’t like the idea of fruit with lamb, but we think it goes perfectly. If you have an avocado, it’d also be a welcome addition to this salad. Recipe here.

6. Boneless leg of lamb with rosemary, orange & cranberry stuffing

This delicious rolled lamb leg roast is so easy to prepare. Follow the simple instructions to create a special occasion meal to delight your family and friends. Serve hot with your favourite roast vegetables, or warm with a selection of salads. Recipe here.

7. Pulled pomegranate & mint lamb

Roast lamb doesn’t get much better than when it’s slowly cooked, allowing it to become beautifully tender and fall off the bone. Couple this with sweet bursts of pomegranate and you have perfection. Be excited… be very excited. Recipe here.

8. Barbecued lamb leg with corn salsa

This recipe offers a fresh alternative to a traditional lamb roast by pairing delicious barbecued flavours with tasty seasonal veggies. Recipe here.

9. Barbecued butterflied lamb leg with herb mayonnaise

The fresh herb mayonnaise (with a hint of lemon) is a perfect pairing for a juicy and tender barbecued butterflied lamb leg. Recipe here.

10. The ultimate Kiwi leg of lamb

A roast leg of lamb has long been hailed as the ultimate Kiwi favourite, and this recipe requires zero fuss as the oven does the hard work. Infused with flavours of garlic and thyme and topped with a creamy meat sauce, you won't be disappointed. We served the lamb on a thick bed of thyme for that perfect festive touch. Recipe here.

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