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A simple method for browning mince evenly and lump free

Browning mince before using it to make a hearty bolognese or chilli can really bring out the flavour in the meat. However, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the mince out evenly without lumps…. enter Ami.

The Aussie mother has wowed the internet after sharing her simple method for browning mince meat evenly. Posting on Facebook, she shared a video showing how she uses a whisk to distribute the mince meat in the pan and cook it thoroughly. The simple method also serves to break up ground meat into small, bite-size crumbly chunks which incorporate more smoothly into sauces.

“If anyone cooks mince as much as I do,' you're welcome [for this trick],” Ami posted alongside her video.

For those without a whisk on hand, potato mashers work just as well at separating the mince, producing similar results.

Posted by Shawn Moodie

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