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Hungry now? Here are six recipes that you can get on the table in under 30 minutes

This week we're all about food that you can whip up in a flash without compromising on flavour.

If you find yourself walking through the door on weeknights feeling ravenous, you need dinner on the table ASAP. These recipes are on the table in under 30 minutes - perfect for dinner in a flash.

1. Nasi Goreng Spiced Lamb Chops

Nasi goreng is Indonesian fried rice which, due to the spice blend used to make it, comes with its own unique taste. The spices also work well with lamb so here we have simply rubbed the spice blend into lamb chops - a popular barbecue cut of meat - and whipped them onto the barbecue to make a super quick tasty dish. Serving with tropical fruits enhances the meal quickly and easily.

2. Thai Beef Larb

Sticking with Asian flavours, this Thai beef mince salad is loaded with fresh herbs, fragrance, and full of freshness. Best of all - this dinner winner is on the table in just 25 minutes!

3. Mustard Pan-fried Scotch Fillet Steak with a Quick Béarnaise

This quick steak recipe sees spicy mustard give a hint of pizazz to the tender steak and vegetables. Topped with a quick Béarnaise sauce - it's the very definition of comfort.

4. Chilli Lime Lamb Cutlets with Coriander Noodle Salad

Short on time? This quick and easy recipe will be sure to impress. A tangy and sweetly spicy sauce makes this noodle and lamb dish perfect for every occasion.

5. Beef Stroganoff

A summer twist to a winter classic and whats better? It's quick and easy. The beautiful mix of flavours makes for a fulfilling and very satisfying meal.

6. Beef Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce

Whip up dinner in a flash with Allyson Gofton's classic Black Bean Beef Stir Fry. Using simple ingredients, this delicious noodle recipe will be ready and served in no time, quicker than ordering a takeaway! Makes for great leftovers too.

Posted by Shawn Moodie

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