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4 Classic Kiwi Recipes For ANZAC Day

It’s ANZAC Day this week - a sobering reminder of the selfless, extreme efforts our servicemen and women went through to defend our country’s freedom.

Here at recipes.co.nz we want to pay homage to our ANZAC’s as we honour, reflect and remember them, so we have thrown together some Kiwi favourites for you to enjoy with family and friends as you enter the short week.

Monday: Kiwi Burger

Beetroot, tomato, cheese, a lamb patty, and of course - a runny egg: this kiwi classic is a must! Get everyone to assemble their own, it's sure to be messy but extremely tasty.

Wednesday: Steak, Cheese and Mushroom pot pies

Who doesn't love pies? Filled with steak cheese and mushrooms, these quintessentially Kiwi pot pies are sure to satisfy cravings.

Sunday: Classic Kiwi 'Lamb & Three Veg'

When cooked quickly lamb loin chops develop a delicious caramelised crust and have a pink juicy centre. Paired with buttery parsnips and carrots, chunky kumara and a side of peas, you have yourself a kiwi classic, dinnertime favourite.

Bonus: Kiwi Classic Beef & Horopito Pepper Burger

For those who'd rather have a beef patty, this recipe sees home-grown Horopito, our very own native hot bush pepper, take centre stage, providing a touch of zesty spice to elevate juicy grass-fed New Zealand beef. Now that's honest to goodness deliciousness!

Posted by Katrina Dixon

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