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12 of our favourite meat pie recipes

What is it about pies?

Just writing the very word, pie, has conjured up images of steaming, tender filling and flaky, buttery pastry - it’s a shame it’s past lunch-time as we’re writing this… although dinner on the other-hand…

We’re sure we’re not alone in being pie lovers. In fact, it’s common knowledge that our humble nation is partial to indulging in a delicious pie from time to time - during a road-trip, tomato sauce atop or cosied up on a chilly winter’s eve; the number of pie-eating occasions that come to mind are endless.

And so, we felt it our duty to equip you with our favourite pie recipes and hopefully, tempt you into trying one of these this week. And who says you have to wait for pie-day Friday? Pies are best served any day of the week, rain or shine, fuss-free or for a special occasion. Go on and give in to the pie temptation - it’ll be well worth your time!

Hearty Lamb & Rosemary Pie

If you're looking for a hearty pie then this recipe ticks all the boxes. This one ticks all the boxes for me; incredibly tasty, loaded with veges and using one of the most delicious cuts of lamb, the shoulder. All bundled up in a puff pastry shell, it’s as equally good for a mid-week feast or when you’re entertaining.

The Ultimate Kiwi Pie

You can't go wrong with a good kiwi favourite, the meat is slowly cooked to produce a pull-apart beef filling, encased in light flaky pastry.

Steak, Cheese, & Mushroom Pot Pies

Filled with steak cheese and mushrooms, these pot pies are sure to satisfy cravings.

Shepherd's Pie

A classic with a Kiwi twist. The addition of kumara makes a change from the well-known potato topping - and we love the taste of lamb and kumara together. We bet the little ones in your family will love this meal just as much as you.

Beef 'n' Corn Chip Pie

Corn chips and mince are some of kids' favourites and here they are combined to make a great-tasting family pie - perfect for the weekend!

Beef Korma Curry Pies

With a fragrant mix of herbs and spices and tender melt in your mouth beef, perfectly encased in flaky pastry this is as good as it gets. Don’t be put off by the time taken to make these pies. The end result is well worth it.

Beef and Mushroom Pie

Fall apart, tender chunks of delicious beef, bursts of fresh mushrooms, and flaky golden puff pastry. This hearty, budget-friendly family pie tastes exactly like what you'd expect to get at your favourite bakery.

Beef and Onion Pies

Pies are a family favourite, especially for renowned Kiwi chef Shaun Clouston. His beef and onion pie will be sure to delight your family as it does his!

Beef & Lentil Cottage Pie

A twist on your classic cottage pie, we use a naturally sweet kumara topping and have added lentils, carrots & spinach to deliver a nutrient-packed mince mixture.

Cottage Pie

This cottage pie recipe is made with Kiwi families in mind. Quick and easy to prepare, budget-friendly, and delicious - it’s guaranteed to please!

Lamb, Mushroom, and Cranberry Pies

These tasty pies combine the sweetness of cranberries with the earthy umami flavour of savory mushrooms. Add in delicious New Zealand lamb and flaky golden pastry and you're on to a winner!

Hand-Held Beef Mince Pies

These hand-held pies are an easy-to-eat family favourite that is rich in protein, iron, and zinc!

Posted by Shawn Moodie

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